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There are no formal qualification requirements for our APLH (previously NCPLH) Courses.

The programme is designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in licensed premises, including pubs and bars; hotels and restaurants; off-licences, supermarkets and convenience stores; sports and social clubs; nightclubs and entertainment establishments; and any other venue or site where alcohol is sold.

If you’re looking to start an exciting career in the hospitality and bar industry, your first step is to undertake an accredited Award for Personal Licence Holders Course.

Training Hub offers APLH Training in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester centres, and in over 30 training locations across the UK on a monthly basis. You can choose either of our classroom-based training or convenient e-learning options.

The Course, usually known as the NCPLH and now the APLH, is a requirement, which has been set out in the Licensing Act of 2003, and it applies to all people involved in the sale of alcohol in a retail environment. This statutory requirement has been implemented to ensure that people involved in the sale of alcohol do so responsibly, and to maintain standards that minimise alcohol abuse.

Once you complete the educational requirements of the APLH Course, you will have attained the necessary skills and attributes to work within the industry, and are awarded your Award for Personal Licence Holders.

One of the key competencies, which the Award for Personal Licence Holders (or APLH) provides to people who complete the course, is the ability to understand and implement the requirements of the Licensing Act within the workplace.

The Course goes much further than this and increases your knowledge about the effects of alcohol and how alcohol affects different people in various ways. This training provides you with the skills to ensure that patrons are able to enjoy themselves, without the risks that excessive alcohol consumption can bring about.

The inclusion of these training requirements within the Licensing Act clearly shows that the Government is serious about reducing the health and social consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. APLH Training provides you with the industry-recognised training and skill set that also help increase and maintains overall professionalism within the industry.

You can rest assured that the APLH Personal Licence Training Course, now known as APLH, covers everything you need to know to pass the qualification's examination and apply for your Personal Licence.

What’s more, it’s been developed and rigorously piloted with experts from the industry, to make sure it truly meets the needs of those who want to succeed. Once you get your Personal Licence, you can work anywhere that is licensed to sell alcohol, and that opens many doors and great options for you and your career!

So now that you know what it takes, take a moment to book your spot now and get your Personal Licence.


If you are looking to work in bar, restaurant or work in a retail outlet selling alcohol you will need a personal licence.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age, and have identification and address proofs, such as Passport, Drivers Licence, Bills, Bank Statements. The address proof cannot be more than 3 months old.

Upon successful completion and passing the exams you will receive a Award in Security Personal Licence from an Ofqual approved awarding organization. We currently approved by City & Guilds, EDI, NCFE and Laser Learning Awards.


Location Date Online Price On the Day Price Book Now
Birmingham £120 £150
Leeds £120 £150
London-Barnet and Finchley £95 £150
London-Camden £85 £150
London-Central £120 £150
London-Central Waterloo £79.99 £150
London-Croydon £85 £150
London-East Ham £85 £150
London-Euston £120 £150
London-Goodge Street/Russell Square £120 £150
London-Hayes and Southall £120 £150
London-Mile End £85 £150
London-Warren Street £120 £150
Manchester £120 £150