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Welcome! You’ve landed here because you’re interested in a Door Supervisor Training Course and we want to give you all the help we can.

We’ve helped over 40,000 people achieve an SIA Door Supervisor Licence in London and throughout the UK, and you could be next!

Our SIA Licence Training will prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career as an SIA Accredited Door Supervisor. The role of a Door Supervisor is extremely demanding, so it is vital that you receive the best quality Door Supervisor Training available before you begin your new career.

Once you successfully complete your Door Supervisor course, you will be able to apply for your SIA Door Supervisor Licence. It is a legal requirement that you have SIA Licence Training and a valid SIA Licence before you start working in the private security industry in the UK.

The SIA Door Supervisor course runs over 4 days and is divided into 4 units:

  • Working in the Private Security Industry
  • Working as a Door Supervisor
  • Conflict Management
  • Physical Intervention.

On the final day of the course there will be 3 multiple-choice exams and a practical assessment of the physical intervention skills you will be taught on the course.

Everything you need to know for the examination is covered during the Door Supervisor Course and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success in your tests. So, although examinations can sometimes be daunting, you’ll be fully equipped to pass with flying colors!

Our pass rates are some of the highest in the business, thanks to a host of highly experienced instructors and the comprehensive content of our Door Supervisor Training Courses.

Make the smart move and book your spot today!


The Door Supervisor Training is aimed for people looking to work legally in the UK Private Security Industry as a Door Supervisor in a Pub, Club, Music Events, the Door Supervisor Licence also allows you to work as a Security Guard for shopping malls, banks and other retail outlets.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age, and have identification and address proofs, such as Passport, Drivers Licence, Bills, Bank Statements. The address proof cannot be more than 3 months old.

Upon successful completion and passing the exams you will receive a Level 2 Award in Door Supervision from an Ofqual approved awarding organization. We currently approved by City & Guilds, EDI and Laser Learning Awards.


Location Date Price Book Now
Aylesbury £194.99
Belfast £199.99
Birmingham £194.99
Bournemouth £239.99
Bradford £204.99
Brighton £219.99
Bristol £219.99
Broadstairs - Kent £209.99
Cardiff £194.99
Chatham £204.99
Chelmsford £184.99
Chester £219.99
Colchester £184.99
Derby £199.99
Dover £209.99
Edinburgh £219.99
Glasgow £219.99
Hull £219.99
Ipswich £184.99
Leeds £204.99
Leicester £194.99
Liverpool £219.99
London-Aldgate £194.99
London-Central £169.99
London-Central Waterloo £169.99
London-Croydon £179.99
London-East Ham £194.99
London-Enfield £194.99
London-Finsbury Park £194.99
London-Harrow £194.99
London-Hayes-and-Southall £194.99
London-Ilford £169.99
London-Lambeth £179.99
London-Lewisham £179.99
London-London Bridge £169.99
London-Mile-End £194.99
London-Stratford £194.99
London-Tower Hamlets £194.99
London-Wembley £194.99
London-Willesden Green £194.99
London-Wood Green £194.99
Luton £194.99
Manchester £204.99
Milton-Keynes £194.99
Newcastle Upon Tyne £239.99
Newport £194.99
Norwich £239.99
Nottingham £199.99
Peterborough £239.99
Plymouth £219.99
Portsmouth £239.99
Reading £219.99
Sheffield £199.99
Slough £194.99
Southend-On-Sea £219.99
Swansea £199.99

Ratings & Reviews

Aimran April 01,2012

Once I was present at Training Hub/Get Licensed to attend the training course being delivered by Mr. Robert . It was a great experience for me to get trained by Mr. Robert. He was a very intellectual and comprehensive person. I highly recommended Training Hub.

Jhonmi March 14,2012

I was looking for an institute which provides all the courses I was looking for under one roof. And Training Hub was the right choice. The institute itself was remarkable, but the customer service needs to be improved little bit more then it was.

Frank February 13,2012

I had finished my door supervision course with Training Hub, and it was a very good experience with a friendly and intelligent teachers and admin people. All of them were very helping. I enjoyed my time there.

Joseph I Patrick  December 14,2011

I did a course a month back.. Upgraded from security guarding to door supervision since the training was intense and very interesting. Great trainer and a very good company.. Luckily the results were out soon too... Unlike other companies out there... Not to forget a very supportive and friendly ppl on the phone... Highly recommended!


Joseph I. Patrick

Kilian May 20,2011

I did my Door Supervising Training with these guys and passed my course. Though it got a little lame in the middle but still what the heck! I passed my course lol that's all that matters.

Samuel May 15,2011

Door Supervisor training in Glasgow: I found a job as Door Supervisor and had to attend a course with Get-Licensed in Glasgow, there was a good size audience from Training Hub and Get-Licensed at the event with a few security guards too. The course was excellent, although the days were long as we had a busy schedule. The teacher Danny did a great job of mixing practical scenarios with among all the theory and was quite an interesting person with lots of real life experience and life skills just right for the audience. I heard before that SIA training can be quite long winded and not interesting, but everyone in the class seemed really happy and left in a positive tone. We'll definitely visit the Glasgow centre again to attend Danny's CCTV training, hope we'll pass the exams.

Guys my teacher asked me to drop a few lines on here if I was happy with the training, so here goes:

Course, trainers, people attending:

SIA License for Door Supervisors in Birmingham, three day event with two teachers, Robert Taylor and Danny Ross both very experienced guys who could handle the class quite well. In the class we had ex police, a few rough looking guys from the gym, a few ladies working as security receptionists and also some students from the university looking for part time security work, so all together a good mix of people.

Venue: We were in the Jury's in a lovely venue, quite central with big classrooms, central heating, flashy projectors, videos, so it offered a range of teaching techniques that kept us interesting.

Quality of the training:

Considering all the duties you have these days as security officers these guys did a good job not only at teaching us the competencies with practical scenarios, but also helped us to arrange some further training in skills that is boosting our CV's.


I am now employed by a 5 star hotel in Central Birmingham and will hopefully become a security manager soon as I gained more related qualifications than everyone else in my team thanks to Danny and Robert who went beyond their normal call of duty to advise me!

Wysta (Qype User)  April 21,2011

A special thanks to Tom and Qaiser who got me started on my first two courses, you guys inspired me! This is a classic example of how HR departments backed by a good educational system can change the work environment and inspire ordinary people.

In house Training

Following an quality audit, our company had to send 5 of us back for re-training, as during our initial training at work, a trainer simply gave us books to read and let us write and pass a test.

Mansoor at Training Hub did a training needs analysis with us and the manager and designed a pathway that included first aid, door supervision and CCTV training. Reluctantly we went for retraining, as the company paid for it and I was pleasantly surprised at what we found on the courses. The trainers were passionate about our professional development and were all experienced in the field. Two of them were ex security managers so they had great insight into the topics they taught. I now realize that our responsibilities are quite significant and that there are various laws that places a high degree of duty on the employer and licensees to provide suitably trained staff.

It is clear that people who are properly trained by an external organization such as Training Hub will have a lot more to offer in the workplace than those who simply went through the motions, and are twice more likely to become managers.

If you are keen on keeping your job and bringing something of value to the workplace, Training Hub seems to have it all sorted as special thanks to Ramy and Tom, the trainers!

Jbel (Qype User)  April 11,2011

I attended the Door Supervisor course with Training Hub this week in london, Ramy was a class act in front of the class, good value for money. A++++ keep it up.

Bryang (Qype User)  April 11,2011

My course was in feb in Bristol with the big nev, honestly speaking the trainer was excellent, and i didn't engage with the office staff much, booked the course online and my result was emailed to me 15th day of the course, they said they will do it on the 14th day, so 1 day up, and certificate was sent to me via recorded delivery which i missed, had to go to royal mail. They should sent the certificates without recorded signed for. I will use them again.My course was in feb in Bristol with the big nev, honestly speaking the trainer was excellent, and i didn't engage with the office staff much, booked the course online and my result was emailed to me 15th day of the course, they said they will do it on the 14th day, so 1 day up, and certificate was sent to me via recorded delivery which i missed, had to go to royal mail. They should sent the certificates without recorded signed for. I will use them again.

Deputy (Qype User)  March 17,2011

I would like to inform everyone that it takes 7 weeks to receive your certificate. 2 weeks after your training, you can phone 'Highfield'- the awarding authority and they will tell you if you have passed or not.

Training Hub gives you what you pay for: Training and if you pass, your certificate.

Now let's hope there's a job out there for me. Good luck everyone and special thanks to Danny for a relaxing and enjoyable training.